Friday, June 5, 2009

Family comes first!!

Aloha people!!

One very valuable lesson that i learned was never ever forget about your family. They are the people who will be there for you till the end, no matter wat happens. I would consider my family as the BEST FAMILY EVER!! from my parents to my annoying brother all the way to my relatives.

I LOVE MY COUSINS!!! they seriously rock my socks off!! weeeeee..=D

The holidays are reli reli freaking boring. But i don't reli want to go back to school cause:

1) my exam papers..i knoe i'll be getting them back the first thing i get to school

2) i guess i'm getting fired or in other words.. getting KICKED OUT of the interact club

3) people will keep on talking about their holidays, which i rather find very annoying. I mean if you tell it once, yea i get it..but NO, they would repeat it until you actuali can play it over and over in your head. haizh

Priya, seriously I LOVE YOU!! you've helped me a THANK YOU DEAR!!

Haren, i miss you =) where's my key chains?

Shamin akka, you're too hot for this world..lolz..i love you and miss you!!

-The End-
owh, steroids I LOVE YOU TOO!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yes people i knoe my blog is officially dead..well i'm really sorry for not updating it.
I've never really had the time to update it.

Exams..exams..exams..i just hate it!! so much of pressure and stress.Haizh. I would rather flush my head in the toilet bowl then sitting down for an exam..

I'm freaking bored rite now.

Oh yes!! KRIS ALLEN WON!! sad though..i wanted Adam Lambert to win. But after watching the final, i guess maybe and only maybe that Kris deserved to winlah. The Black Eye Pea's performance was HOT!! it was the best performance compared the others. =D


will update in a week..during the school holidays!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well since priya tagged me..let me just get through with it..=D

1. What is your name-Krishnaveni
2. A four letter word-king
3. A boy's name-khishen
4. An occupation- knight
5. A colour-kiwi green
6. Something you'll wear- knickers
7. A food-kit kat
8. Something found in the bathroom- kite towels
9. A place- Korea
10.A reason for being late-kissed a guy on the way..*woots*
11.A girl's name- Krishnapriya

12.Something you'd shout-'KILL HIM'
13.A movie title-King Kong
14.Something you drink-kickapoo
15.A musical group-K'Town Clan
16.An animal-kangaroo
17.A street name-klang street
18.A type of car-Kia Spectra
19.A title of a song-keep your hands off my girl


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FISHY!!! ( 4th of March )

-hope you had a great day..i knoe i had a blast..
-hope you liked my shirt i got you..=D
-you are the best brother in this world!!! and i thank god for that..
-you complete me..lolz
-speaking behalf thambi, he says, ' i love you bro'..



-i'm reli sorry for the late wishes that day..
- anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
-hope you had a wonderful day..
-make sure you tell me about your IU day..have fun..=D
- you're one of the best buddy's that i have..
-thanks for that..=)
-oh, do take photos on IU day kay..i wanna see..( especially ravin)..haha..jklah

the usual christopher leeraj..=D

I guess that's all..oh and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HESAN!! was a great week..the only sad thing is that i can't go for La Salle's IU Day..=(
i wanna go soo badly..haizh..nvm.
will blog again next week kay..


Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm back!!

It's been ages since i last bloged..and i appologise for that..
i know my blog is dead ( just like haren said) lol
let's start from valentine's day.Valentine's day was amazing..i had so much fun..
MSSD ping pong rocked!!

-one gold for single's bukan cina category
-one silver for category kumpulan,terbuka
-one bronze for doubles open
-one bronze for doubles bukan cina category

MSSS was ok only lah..
-one bronze for doubles bukan cina category

i lost for singles..haizh..
should had wonlah..

exams are finally over..that's one relief.
but the marks are the destroyer..i will only get them next week.!

I miss my cousins..all of them.
Hope to see you next week shamin akka..we're going down to seremban next week..

haren and me..(love him)

sleepy head!
will blog

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good old times of 08

Happy New Year!! Since the year 2008 has ended i thought maybe i'll put some photos as memories of 2008.. To me it was a great year. I met a lot of new friends, great ones infact, had a blast time with my gorgeous and handsome cousins, had fun at school, overall it was one of the best years i have ever lived so far. I just hope that this year would be even more awesome than that.

I just can't wait to go back to school,though i don't feel like going to school.haizh.I am sure i'll come home having a soar throat at the first day of school.LOL. So many new stories to listen and of course the new RUMOURS to listen and tell!! =D

Okay, i'll just cut the crap out and get to the pictures!! There's a lot of photos so hope you enjoy them..=D

Priya and me on mother's day 08..

The hottest girls in the world ( frm left: aishwarya, priya and shamin akka

Shamin akka ( gorgeous) and me..Eve of deepavali
Viji annai ( BG ),shamin akka,priya,me,radha and fishy at the back

Us cousins on the eve of deepavali at the restaurant, camwhoring..=D
Eve of deepavali..from left: radha,priya,me and tulasi

Me and Priya on Priya's birthday at A&W ( 10th Nov 2008 )

And there's the so called biggest pumpkin at Cameron highlands.

Priya and me at Cameron Highlands during Deepavali..

Having fun at the butterfly farm..

At the BOH plantation at Cameron..( it was so windy )
Haren and fishy

Priya and me on deepavali day.. ( this picture is the best picture we've taken so far for this year)

( Christopher )
My best buddies..

My family and I at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. ( November )

Camwhoring at the toilet.. ( that's my room at the back there )

Deeviya's birthday party.. ( frm left : kavithra,rajshree,deeviya,me and prema )

Narmatha and me at Dev's b' friends for eva!!

Me and my bro.. *woots* ( hotness alert)

The most beautiful girl alive, Priya and me.. ( christmas day)

Fishy and me ( He might be as annoying as a baby but yet he's the best brother that anyone can ask for..Love ya fishy!!)

That's all for took me a long time to actually post this but it was worth it.

Hope this year will bring luck to everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Juz a normal day

Aloha!! Today was just like every other day..boring,boring,boring..haizh. I woke up at 10.15 am, which is kind of late though but it was only because i slept late last night. As usual, i started of my day by taking my dog for walk and then had breakfast.After that, i actually spent some time studying, which in my case is something i don't do very often..=D

Then had lunch, watched tv and used the computer as usual. I was trying to find a suitable background for my blog page but it was not easy choosing one though. And thanks Tharveen for helping me..=D. Deeviya a.k.a Dev was online so i chatted with her for a while and then i got bored so i decided to take a nap..Woke up, took my dog for walk and played ping pong with my daddY.

This was not the way i imagined my Sunday to be like but i had no choice but to treat it like every other day..haizh. Before this i made some decisions which now i am regreting about it. How i wished i had a time machine. It's too late anyways, things have changed and i can't do anything about it. I also did not manage to catch my buddy, Christopher online..=(

Priya was also not online today, so i guess i was kind of lonely today..Besides Haren was also not i guess i am a lone ranger than..I just hope that tomorrow will be a better day than

My hubby!!

Hottie!! ( he's mine so back off!! =P )

My lurve, Orlando bloom!!